Retain your investment in INDeX - and take advantage of the business benefits associated with IP Telephony with the integration of Splicecom Maximiser and INDeX

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Launched by SDX Business Systems to critical acclaim in 1995, sales of the INDeX business telephone system finally came to an end in June 2006. With both the former Managing Director and Sales & Marketing Director of SDX on the Splicecom board - Frank Bretherton & Jeremy Cooke respectively - it is no surprise that SpliceCom have put together a technology upgrade path based on maximiser which is second to none. Network Connect, the fastest growing supplier of Splicecom maximiser systems in the UK, has over 10 years experience in the supply and support of INDeX systems, and is emerging as the leading integrator of maximiser with INDeX systems.
Our evolutionary approach allows Network Connect's INDeX customers access to all the business benefits associated with IP Telephony and Voice over IP whilst still retaining the investment made in INDeX. maximiser enhances the INDeX feature set and its business efficiency tools. Eight key areas have been identified that are core to business communications for INDeX customers.
  • INDeX DT/20 Series Visual Voice integration
  • Unified Messaging
  • Meet Me Conferencing
  • Mobility - Mobile/Home/Teleworker Solutions
  • Wireless - IP/DECT or WiFi
  • Contact Centre
  • Voice Networking
  • Additional User & Trunk Capacity
Visual Voice Integration
maximiser can be deployed as a non-disruptive voice messaging solution. Completely integrated with the INDeX architecture, playback and management of the maximiser voice messaging solution is controlled through the Visual Voice command set which is accessed via the display of the INDeX DT and 20 Series handsets.
Unified Messaging
When maximiser voicemail solution is deployed, Unified Messaging is available to INDeX users for no extra cost. Voicemail messages and/or notifications can be forwarded or copied to any SMTP compliant email solution. This includes Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Apple Mail and Microsoft Exchange. Voicemail notifications can also be sent as a text message to mobile phones.
In addition, maximiser offers the benefits of Enhanced Unified Messaging to INDeX users. This includes synchronized message deletion and the ability to have emails "read back" and replied to via any phone using maximiser's Text To Speech engine.  This solution is available via any IMAP compatible email server, which once again allows users of Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Apple Mail and Microsoft Exchange access to the benefits of Unified Messaging.

Meet Me Conferencing
Avoid the cost and complexity associated with external Voice Conference bureaus and eliminate the time spent traveling to meetings. maximiser's in-built conference gateway supports up to 120 parties, allowing internal INDeX users or external callers to dial a specific number and just join the conference.

Today's business requires staff to work seamlessly anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Reducing staff traveling time and costs, allowing office space to be trimmed back and improving productivity whilst increasing work-life balance is a priority for today's business leaders. maximiser allows INDeX users to expand their current boundaries and join the world of mobile and flexible working. Independent of infrastructure, maximiser allows GSM phones and analogue home phones, in addition to IP Phones over xDSL services, to be used as fully functioning on-switch extensions.
Mobility has become just as important in the office as well as out of it. There is now no need to be tied to your desk, or to miss that important call when you're away from it. maximiser DECT, WiFi and GSM solutions allow INDeX customers to add wireless working without the need to invest in additional INDeX infrastucture.

Contact Centre
Add a Contact Centre or Call Centre suite and at the same time protect your investment in INDeX by adding it through maximiser. Agents and Supervisors can enjoy all the benefits of highly featured Contact Centre operation combined with the ease of single or multi-site distribution, including home-based Agents. Support is provided for both IP and traditional analogue telephony, flexible, easy-to-use and information rich historical and real-time management reporting tools and sophisticated call routing algorithms. The maximiser Contact Centre Solution offers inbound routing and blending of voice calls, emails, SMS and Web Chat/Calls in addition to Manual, Preview, Progressive and Predictive dialing.
Voice Networking
Do you have more than one office? Are you still using expensive leased lines? Do you have a voice network? Do you still run it in parallel with your Data network? Deploying maximiser as a Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateway opens up the significant cost and productivity benefits of Voice & Data Convergence to INDeX customers. maximiser allows INDeX voice calls to be converted into VoIP traffic, allowing Voice and Data to share one IP Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure, so reducing costs, maximising bandwidth and providing ease-of-management across multiple sites.
Additional User & Trunk Capacity
Need to add more user or trunk capacity? Why invest in legacy infrastructure when you can increase your overall communications capacity through the introduction of maximiser and so begin your migration to a true next-generation IP Telephony platform. With calls between INDeX and maximiser users being made as internal calls, you can add new extensions and trunks whenever you need them. This allows your organization to migrate from traditional TDM telephony to VoIP and IP Telephony at a pace dictated by your particular business needs - not the other way round, as is the case with "fork-lift" upgrades.

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