Network Provision

Calls and Line Rental

Network Connect's Low Cost Line Rental and Call Charges - Building on 28 years experience in the supply and support of advanced communication systems Network Connect is pleased to announce its low cost carrier service providing low cost telephone calls and low cost line rentals for business.

In most instances lines provision and call traffic is delivered on BT's network but at a cheaper rate with the friendly accessible front end support of Network Connect. Advantages include:

  • Low Cost Calls
  • Low Cost Line Rental
  • Network Connect's efficient friendly support team
  • BT Engineering resource at the network level
  • No long term contracts
  • Web based management reporting
  • No complicated call plans and options
  • Simple, clear, concise telephone bills
  • One point of contact for all your communication needs


Non-Geographic Numbers

Non-geographic numbers, - 08xx numbers, - allow one number to cover the whole of the UK regardless of the geographic location. Non-geographic numbers can be used to publish one number for an entire company spread across many sites. Benefits include

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Intelligent call routing at the 'network level'
  • Revenue stream on inbound calls
  • Connecting multi site offices


IP Trunks

IP-Connect from Network Connect is one of the first true IP services dedicated to voice on the market. It connects your sites directly onto an IP backbone enabling them to have full PSTN and inter site connectivity.

Or, in plain english, your telephone calls are routed from your telephone system, on to a high quality Internet connection, rather than on to the traditional ISDN 'switched telephone network'. The final leg of the call is then routed on to its destination by traditional lines.

In short it is an ISDN replacement for the IP world, and it is here today, benefits include:

  • Lower call costs
  • Zero Rated site to site calling – the ability to utilize FREE Site to Site Calls
  • Lower cost than ISDN
  • Reduce or eliminate ISDN rental costs
  • Faster Provisioning timescales than ISDN
  • Scaleable on a per channel basis
  • Voice VPN across multiple sites
  • Offers emergency services support
  • Route only the calls that you wish over IP
  • Allows incoming IP calls
  • Move existing numbers across exchanges, - take your existing number to any geographic location
  • Fully Managed SIP connection for high quality speech


Network Connect....

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