PCS 60 Phone Partner Application Overview

SpliceCom's PCS 60 application can be utilised in conjunction with the company's PCS range of IP and analogue terminals, existing analogue handsets and GSM mobile phones as a "Phone Partner" application for maximiser. Alternatively, it can also be deployed as an IP Softphone application running on Windows and Mac OS X desktop and laptop computers. PCS 60 is a single screen application, provided as standard* for all maximiser users and divided into five active areas;

  • Status Indication providing presence management
  • Call Control
  • Caller Display
  • Information Window (Web Integration, max imiser Unified Directories (Users, Departments & Contacts), Messages & Personal Call Log)
  • Mobility Management

PCS 60 is ideal for those looking to replace or migrate an existing PBX because when deployed as a Phone Partner, it allows users easy access to all of the advanced business benefits offered by maximiser, whilst allowing their existing analogue handsets to be retained. They can choose to dial numbers or transfer calls from either the telephone keypad, or through the PCS 60 application using mouse or keyboard. Access to enhanced telephony features, including Caller Display with alpha tagging, unified System Directories (External Contacts, Users & Departments), Favourites (Busy Lamp Field/Direct Station Select/Line Indication & Pick-up), Message Mailboxes, Call Recordings and Key System Emulation features, are all delivered and controlled via the PCS 60 Phone Partner.

In addition to "energising" standard handsets by delivering advanced business telephony features via a laptop or desktop computer, PCS 60, like SpliceCom's top-of-the-range PCS 582GX, keyless, touch screen, IP Phone, provides the ability to converge telephony with the Internet, Company Intranet or any web-enabled IT application. Any page in standard web HTML format can be 'pushed' to the screen based on a wide range of criteria - incoming CLI, Called Number, time of day/day of week, or an external trigger or event - to everyone, whole Departments or individual users. Pages can be viewed via the PCS 60 application or the PC's embedded web browser. This provides next-generation Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) across multiple IT applications simultaneously, totally independent of platform, operating system or location.

Even when PCS 60 is minimised it still keeps working hard. PCS 60 supports application "popping" on call presentation or call connect. For those who want more control over their desktop when a user receives a call, 'floating text' will appear on their PC screen, in front of any application or document that's currently being worked on, informing them of the number and name, if known, of the person calling and the number they've called. This could be a personal DDI, or a Group or Departmental number; Sales, Support, Admin, etc. The PCS 60 floating text display is totally passive so it won't interfere with any work that's being actioned at the time it appears. By seeing who's calling, the user can make an informed decision on taking the call, fully opening up the PCS 60 application, or letting the call go to voicemail.

PCS 60 is a next-generation Personal Productivity and Web Converence application for the maximiser business communication system. It can be run as a Phone Partner to SpliceCom's PCS 582GX, PCS 573G, PCS 563, PCS 553/PCS 553G, PCS 542, PCS 520 and PCS 505 terminals and existing analogue phones, on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X platforms. Alternatively it can be utilised as an IP Softphone on the same computers. PCS 60 is available immediately.

* PCS 60 is avaibable as a free download from our Customer Site. Operation of PCS 60 as an IP Softphone for maximiser requires a valid User Licence.