Business Telephones

To further enhance maximiser's advanced capabilities Splicecom offer a wide range of Proactive Communication Stations (PCS) telephones, to deliver the ultimate in desktop productivity. From advanced IP LCD touch screen displays, to traditional analogue telephones, coupled with the PCS60 Windows/Mac Phone Partner/Softphone the Splicecom range provides a business telephone for all applications..





The PCS 582GX has been developed with today's business requirements in mind. In addition to running telephony apps on the wide-screen, full colour, LCD touch screen display to provide context sensitive displays and information. Graphical icons are used to control telephony functions in the same intuitive manner you associate with mobile phones. The PCS 582GX can also have pages from the World Wide Web, intranet or web-enabled applications "pushed" directly to its screen. The PCS582GX has two Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.


PCS 573G

SpliceCom's PCS 573G IP Phone exhibits a full colour graphics display, eighteen intuitive, multi-functional, context sensitive keys and bold, instantly recognisable icons combined to deliver a user experience more readily associated with mobile phones than business telephony. The PCS 573G also offers an integrated, two port, Gigabit LAN switch allowing it to be run 'in serial' where Gigabit Ethernet has been deployed to the PC.


PCS 563

Similar in design to that of the PCS573, PCS 563 exhibits a full colour graphics display, with nine multi-functional, context sensitive keys. Including an Out of Hours operation that automatically blanks the screen to save energy. The PCS 563 has a dual port 10/100 dual Ethernet connection.



PCS 553/553G

The PCS 553 is suited for deployment in many business environments. The PCS553 has a two colour backlight monochrome display with 8 context sensitive buttons for navigation of features Identical in appearance and operation the PCS553 comes with a dual port 10/100 dual Ethernet connection whilst the PCS553G has two gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.


PCS 542

The entry-level PCS 542 is a cost-effective desktop IP phone, specifically designed to work with Maximiser systems. The PCS 542's ease-of-use makes it the ideal choice for those who require an attractively priced, well featured telephone. The PCS542 has 4 context sensitive keys, 10 fixed feature keys and can be combined with Navigate or PCS60 to provide additional features. The PCS542 has a 10/100 dual Ethernet connection.




PCS 520

The PCS 520 is extremely easy to use thanks to its three-line display, ten pre-programmed system function keys and integrated voicemail management, the PCS 520 is a fully featured terminal, offering a high level of maximiser specific functionality. Paging to the desktop and personal auto-answer facilites are available, alongside a dual purpose Do Not Disturb/New Message LED indicator. Enhanced Caller Display messages gives users a greater level of system information, whilst in-line power negates the need for an external power supply.


PCS 505

The PCS 505 is an attractively priced, business quality, desktop phone. Offering integrated voicemail management keys and system feature guide, the PCS 505 is Splicecom's entry-level phone being ideally suited for both standalone traditional telephony requirements, or to partner with the PCS 60 application.



For more information on Splicecoms full product range click here.


PCS 60

Running under Windows and Mac OS X this personal productivity application will run as an IP Softphone or Phone Partner. Connecting the PC to a maximiser Call Server via the LAN network, allows the PCS 60 application to "partner" the Splicecom maximiser range of PCS telephones. Phone calls can then be placed as normal from the telephone keypad, or made via the PCS 60.

Access to Web enabled applications, Intranet based information, IP Video/Web Cam images, speed dials/busy lamp field/direct station select, directory access, messaging and call progress are then available to all users regardless of the specification of the desktop phone (not IP 530). The PCS 60 application can also be used in conjunction with a USB or Bluetooth headset or telephone to provide a fully featured IP Softphone solution without the need for a desktop telephone.More....


PCS 60 Operators Console

Splicecom's PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically designed to elevate business productivity and enhance the overall company image at the main point of customer contact by delivering an improved operator service. By utilising the standard PCS 60 application and expanding its capability through the addition of the Operators Console Licence, Splicecom's PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically developed to partner with Splicecom's innovative PCS system phones or existing analogue phones.

The PCS 60 Operators Console can be deployed in single screen or dual screen modes and runs under the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X operating system. Alternatively it can be used with a USB/Bluetooth, handset/headset as an IP Softphone. The PCS 60 Operators Console can also be deployed with a touch-screen monitor to deliver direct operator control.


iPCS IP Phone App for Smart Phones & Tablets

SpliceCom's iPCS application takes Office Mobility to its logical conclusion, enabling Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets to be utilised as highly featured maximiser business phones, replacing the need for DECT or SIP/WiFi wireless phones. Providing a fully integrated IP Phone solution for the entire workforce, iPCS works in the same way as SpliceCom's PCS system phones, empowering employees with access to key business features wherever they might be, at their desk or away from it.

Downloadable from the Apple App Store as a native iOS application, running on iOS 5 and above, or as an Android app for version 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) or above, iPCS utilises WiFi or 3G connectivity to provide direct integration with SpliceCom's maximiser Telephony systems. Offering full hold/transfer/conference/call park facilities, iPCS also provides access to;

  • SpliceCom's unique multi-functional, Favourites application
  • maximiser's Centralised System Directory for fast and accurate dialing of customers, suppliers, work colleagues and internal Departments
  • Selectable All/Missed Call History, for both calls made to your extension and any Department(s) you might be handling calls for - including integrated voicemail playback
  • Full control of personal mobility options; diversion for DDI and Groupcalls, the device calls will be diverted to, Do Not Disturb and Out Of Office message