Splicecom Maximiser Phone System

The Splicecom maximiser Phone System is designed and manufactured in the UK. It is a fully modular business telephone system capable of expansion from two or three lines and extensions up to 5000 ports (ports are lines plus extensions). The Splicecom maximiser is much more than a telephone system, it is a product which provides a platform for all future developments in voice and data communications as and when they emerge.

Why Splicecom Maximiser?

Flexible Deployment Options - Uniquely with SpliceCom Maximiser you can deploy the system whichever way suits your business. Hosted, On-Premise hardware, Private Cloud based or a hybrid solution, SpliceCom Maximiser allows you to build resilience and utilise your preferred technology to deliver a solution suited to your needs.

Platform Flexibility - Maximiser can be provided as a Software system into your Virtualised Server Environment, as software on a server provided and supported by Network Connect, or in a more traditional manner using physical hardware.

Feature Rich - The Maximiser system is a fully featured Unified Communication platform delivering advanced features such as: Smart Phone Integration, Contact Centre Working, Call Recording, Live Wallboards, Home Working, Business Management Information, CRM integration, HD Voice. All this with some of the easiest to use handsets available on the market.



Splicecom Maximiser Phone System Core Hardware

Completely scalable in design and distributed in architecture, all maximiser systems are built around just four modules representing two core components - Call Server and Phone Module. More details on Splicecom maximiser Hardware >>.


Splicecom Maximiser Business Telephones

Splicecom offer a wide range of Proactive Communication Stations (PCS), to deliver the ultimate in desktop productivity. Designed to compliment other market leading and stylish, high-end IT equipment on the desktop, SpliceCom's PCS 563 & PCS 573G IP Phones combine, looks intelligence and desirability in equal measure. Splicecom maximiser Telephones >>


Splicecom Maximiser Deployment

Splicecom maximiser's unique architecture has led to it being deployed by an extremely broad range of businesses and organisations in a wide variety of manners; There is a maximiser solution for everyone and for every requirement. Splicecom Maximiser Deployment >>


Splicecom Maximiser Vision

Vision is a web-based application suite, developed to work with Splicecom maximiser. Splicecom Vision consists of four main software applications.

  • Vision Reports - historical call management information.
  • Vision Record - automatic and/or manual Call Recordings.
  • Vision Live - real time information on business performance.
  • Vision Mobility - make, take and manage your from any pc or mobile device
    wherever you are.

Vision is designed to act as a call management tool, collecting valuable data by drilling down into your telephony platform. Delivering a wealth of relevant, business critical reports and a depth of realtime information, Vision enables you to monitor the performance of both your company and workforce.Based on the latest AJAX and Web 2.0 technologies, Vision's design means that, in conjunction with maximiser, it operates as ONE entity, providing detailed information upon which business decisions can be based. Splicecom Vision >>

Integrate Splicecom with INDeX and other Legacy Systems

Splicecom maximiser seamlessly integrates with SDX/Lucent/Avaya INDeX business telephone systems and other legacy systems, providing all the benefits associated with VoIP Telephony whilst still retaining the investment made in INDeX. Network Connect's pedigree in supplying and supporting the Avaya INDeX telephone system since its release in 1995 is second to none. Splicecom maximiser INDeX integration >>




Network Connect's Splicecom Maximiser Pedigree

Network Connect has been proud to represent Splicecom in the sale and support of maximiser since 2005, shortly after the products launch. During which time Network Connect has reaped numerous awards from Splicecom for its innovation and commitment to the product. Network Connect now boast the highest level of accredition by achieving Visionary Partner status.

Further information on Splicecom maximiser can be found at www.splicecom.com