TDI - Tameside Digital Infrastructure

TDI - What is it?

What is the Tameside Digital Infrastructure? The Tameside Digital Infrastructure is a unique initiative allowing organisations across Tameside access to direct Gigabit capable fibre optic and Data Centre services at extremely attractive commercial rates compared to what is available from major ISPs such as BT, UK Fast or Virgin.


The infrastructure makes use of the significant investment already made by Tameside Council, Tameside Hospital and Tameside College in terms of subterranean duct work and spare fibre optic capacity. The infrastructure includes a new digital exchange, located at Ashton Old Baths, where a commercially available Tier 3 Data Centre is also available for services such as colocation of servers and data storage/back up.

A Cooperative, TDIC (The Digital Infrastructure Cooperative), between public sector organisations including Tameside Council, Tameside College, Tameside Hospital, and private sector companies such as Network Connect, ITS Technology Solutions and The Loop has been formed, with the purpose of delivering solutions to individuals, private companies, schools, and other Public Sector bodies. Whilst at present TDIC only operates in Tameside, there are plans backed by DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport) to expand the Cooperative into other geographical areas. Full information about TDIC can be found at

Where it is available?

Over 50km of fibre optic cable has been laid already and it's growing all the time. Each building connected expands the network further. The core network has been designed as a resilient figure 8 network protecting against single points of failure and includes a direct connection to the main Internet Exchange in Manchester.

Most organisations within 100Mtr of the existing fibre will be able to access to the network. For those outside of the area cases will be considered where multiples of business express an interest.


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