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Rostrvm CallDirector ACD is a multichannel contact centre which offers a highly advanced and robust call routing system designed to efficiently handle inbound telephone calls, emails, web interactions, SMS messages and faxes seamlessly between your business and your customers

Rostrvm OutBound provides world-class outbound dialling for proactive contact with customers. From preview dialling for business-to-business calls, right up to high performance predictive dialling, it is always fully compliant with the world's strictest legislation and codes of practice whilst still delivering fantastic agent productivity.

Rostrvm AdVisor is a desktop application that operates in partnership with the other rostrvm applications. It provides a host of functions that enable front line agents and back office staff to handle contacts efficiently and effectively.

Rostrvm SuperVisor is the management information component within the rostrvm suite that provides a web based view of real-time Management Information within the call centre and is designed to deliver advisor status and availability, performance and full historic information to the people that need it.

Rostrvm AuditLog is a server-based voice recording system developed to deliver voice recording and retrieval services to support quality monitoring processes.

Rostrvm ResourceBrokers is a tool that will enable a contact centre to make the best use of available resources to reach business objectives, service level targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) whilst managing overall team performance.



Rostrvm Call Director ACD
Every telephone call or contact you don't answer is a lost opportunity - and often a lost customer. CallDirector ACD is a platform independent software solution that will complement legacy infrastructure to optimise and enhance functionality and performance. Equipped with a powerful business rule and a skills-based routing engine rest assured contacts are allocated to the most appropriate resource at the right time - every time. Featuring an intelligent contact queuing capability that allows you to deliver personalised contact handling and support effective routing decisions.

CallDirector ACD provides best of breed
call routing, in-depth management tools and
detailed analysis of performance.

Featuring a wide range of flexible options to govern your customer management activities effectively:

  • Queue Management - The software supports an unlimited combination of lines and multimedia queues to help you uniquely manage each contact type.
  • AutoAgent - A product that when simply used will deliver callers with information services such as music-on-hold or intelligent announcements. In more complex environments AutoAgent can gather caller identification information and complete customer transactions.
  • Contact Priority - Due to the nature of your business you may determine that certain types of calls, such as sales calls, have higher priority than others CallDirector ACD will allow you to assign a priority to each queue. In a multimedia environment, you may give voice calls higher priority than emails or you may establish that the contact centre, agent groups or individual agents can handle more than one transaction simultaneously.
  • Skill-Based Routing - Skills and the attainment level for each skill can be assigned to agent groups or individual agents to ensure all contacts are handled effectively and in a timely fashion. Call scripts will allow you to extend priority and skills-based routing to include; dialled number, email address, callers CLI and time and date routing directed on or driven by your IT system.

Rostrvm OutBound
Rostrvm OutBound offers comprehensive outbound campaign management enabling contact centres to maximise the performance of their data as well as their agents. Offering preview, progressive and predictive dialling modes, provides flexibility to a company that wishes to increase productivity. The dialling mode can be set on a campaign-by-campaign basis, allowing administrators to use the mode most appropriate for each dialling application.

The sophisticated campaign and list management suite ensures optimal performance whilst retaining the personal touch. It provides tools to enable individual list management and reporting, including the ability to run multiple lists per campaign and to prioritise, pause and start lists at any time while calling continues.

Rostrvm OutBound allows integration with a range of desktop applications to blend multimedia contact with your dialling campaigns. Deployed as an integral component, SMS and email blending allows your agents to utilise all available resources during a single telephone conversation with a customer, which in turn maximises the companys opportunities through well-managed, proactive contact.

Rostrvm AdVisor
What's the point of offering a range of contact methods if your agents are not equipped to deal with each request proactively? It's vital that staff desktops are set up to provide them with the information they need to do their job to excellent standards.

Customer Communication success
is dependant on your team's ability
to deliver service effectively and efficiently.

Rostrvm AdVisor is a client application that provides management within the call centre with the ability to have full visibility of agent activity throughout the day. The agent will be provided with telephony control that will allow them to indicate their readiness to make, take and transfer calls. Additionally when agents are not handling calls, they will have the ability to enter a 'reason code' which will detail why they are momentarily unavailable (e.g. sending letter). Reason Code management helps to understand what agents are doing when they are not handling calls. These Codes are changeable and can be easily configured by you. Call Centres are dynamic environments; efficient communication amongst staff is an essential ingredient. Rostrvm AdVisor's instant messaging system provides a powerful, easy-to-use method of delivering time-critical information amongst contact centre staff.Rostrvm DeskTop Suite is a simple concept - take a busy PC screen with awkward IT and overlay it with a light-touch, friendly intuitive interface. Rostrvm can integrate with business applications in a number of different ways:

  • Rostrvm keys - A tool that enables rostrvm to integrate with a third party application without any changes to that application. Assuming that an agent can navigate to a screen and display customer details using the keyboard alone, then rostrvm can emulate that activity.URL - Where rostrvm requires integration with browser based applications, rostrvm can screen-pop customer details via url. Within CallGuide, a url can be constructed using any call or list data available (e.g. a customer account number). This url can then be launched to display the appropriate customer details.Rostrvm API's - rostrvm provides an extensive development toolkit which enables integration with third party applications. The APIs are available as a COM interface, 'C' library, or Java. Using these facilities your IT team can embed rostrvm functionality directly within their back office applications.
  • Data Driven Routing - Inbound routing scripts can be configured to retrieve caller details from any SQL database that supports an ODBC connection. When used in conjunction with the rostrvm IVR capability, callers are able to identify themselves via an account number, rostrvm can validate the account number from the CRM database, and then route the call based on that caller's preferences. Data driven routing could also be used to route repeat inbound calls to the advisor actively handling the case.

Rostrvm SuperVisor
rostrvm SuperVisor is an 'enterprise reporting, analysis management' application designed specifically for use within contact centres. SuperVisor provides information and analysis to all levels of the business in the right format at the right time.

Rostrvm SuperVisor records activities
step-by-step, building comprehensive
management information database.

SuperVisor provides access to the operational real-time management information within the Contact Centre. These displays can be viewed by Supervisors on their own PCs or displayed to a wider audience within the contact centre through the use of 'Personal Wallboards'. This management tool makes accessing historical data easy, enabling analysis to be carried out with ease in preparation for future planning.

Rostrvm AuditLog
Call recording is a valued tool within any contact centre environment. It's function is to support the crucial monitoring and training process that is vital when maintaining quality of service. rostrvm AuditLog is a voice recording system that is fully integrated with the rostrvm MIS database. Authorised personnel can swiftly retrieve recorded conversations using the powerful search engine. Once a recording has been reviewed it can be saved or emailed as an individual wav file. Additionally, recordings are periodically archived to data stores for long term retention and future retrieval.

Rostrvm ResourceBroker
One method of reducing unproductive time is to introduce task blending; if there are no calls for an agent's primary task then why not monopolise on these quiet periods by appointing multiple tasks to individual agents. rostrvm ResourceBroker provides an automated task blending service that will accurately distribute tasks, reduce costs and optimise productivity.

Allocating the right task
to the right person
at the right time.

Business-rules-based task blending is a sophisticated method of deciding which tasks each agent in a contact centre should be focused upon at any given time.Rostrvm ResourceBroker continuously monitors the critical performance criteria. These criterias can be activated through the use of business rules and are calculated in real-time. This allows the ResourceBroker to respond to changing business conditions as soon as they occur. Flexible business rules can be applied to meet operational targets, service level agreements and staff motivational needs whilst supporting multiple media contact together with back office tasks.

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