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Network Connect provides an extensive portfolio of data networking services:

As Cisco partners, Network Connect is able to provide enterprise class data networking solutions, complimented by professional services supported by Cisco Certified personnel. The all encompassing service includes LAN, - Local Area Network, - design, implementation and support services, covering advanced routing techniques, mulitilayer switching, network security and 802.11 wireless technology.

Working in partnership with some of the most respected network operators in the country, WAN, - Wide Area Network, - solutions are usually designed and delivered using one of two options:

Secure IP VPN's, - Virtual Private Networks, - delivered over an MPLS, - Multi Protocol Label Switching, - infrastructure. MPLS has been designed to provide a unified data-carrying service for both circuit based clients and packet-switching clients. It can be used to carry many different kinds of traffic and is replacing other technologies such as frame relay and ATM.

SHDS, - Short Haul Data Services, - a low cost solution for extending the Local Area Network to two or more sites up to 25km apart. SHDS circuits are often referred to as LES circuits by BT.

Both these options provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional leased line WAN configurations allowing your organization to connect different locations in a secure network environment. For applications which are not mission critical or are cost sensitive, Network Connect has considerable experience of deploying secure VPN's over The Internet.

Network Connect has designed, planned and installed network cabling systems throughout the UK, from small single site networks to multiple network installations catering for thousands of users. Current cabling standards can be classified in the following categories. In situations where an investment in high speed cabling such as Category 6 may not be cost effective, Category 5E still provides a high performance and low cost option for many of today's applications.

Category 6 cabling offers increased bandwidth
and provides the potential to support
multi-gigabit applications.

As more and more bandwidth is required to cope with demanding business applications, new structured cabling and networking standards are emerging to support higher speeds. Category 6 cabling offers increased bandwidth and provides the potential to support multi-gigabit applications. Category 6, with its increased lifetime capability, ultimately results in a higher return on investment in comparison to Category 5e.

Category 7 is the latest copper cabling system designed with the future in mind. It is a fully shielded cabling system, offering more than twice the bandwidth of Category 6. It is backward compatible and supports applications operating on lower categories along with supporting speeds in excess of 10Gbps. This allows effective handling of intensive data traffic and demanding applications. Although more expensive to install, the cable is a four pair fully screened outer sheath with individual shielded pairs. Each pair is capable of 1 Gigabit per second throughput, totalling 4 Gigabit at 1 GHz. 1 Cat 7 outlet can support up to 4 applications whereas 1 Cat 6 outlet can only support 1 application. In a high density environment such as a call centre, it could be significantly cheaper to install Cat 7 as opposed to Cat 6.

Fibre Optic cabling offers a number of significant benefits over traditional copper cabling - including higher bandwidth, longer link lengths and immunity to electrical interference. The high bandwidth capability of fibre facilitates the transfer of voice, data, and video signals over a single cable at speeds of up to 10Gbps, guaranteeing the system will meet the needs of the future.

Since 1992 Network Connect has been providing advanced voice communications, representing some of the world's leading manufacturers of telephone systems, it is only natural therefore, that as technology evolves, Network Connect is placed at the forefront of converged voice and data applications.

Network Connect is placed at the forefront
ofconverged voice and data applications.

Network Connect has considerable experience at both the desk top level with integrated computer and voice applications and at the wide area level, designing and implementing packet switched voice applications in hundreds of remote sites using Voice over IP technologies.

When proposing to utilize existing IP data network installations for the transmission of voice it is important to recognize that voice quality can be affected by data traffic. Network Connect's Voice over IP Integrity Assessments can be provided to ensure any potential issues are identified prior to implementation.



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