Vision - Web based application suite for Splicecom Maximiser.

Vision is a web-based application suite developed to work with the award winning Splicecom maximiser IP Business Telephone System. Delivering a wealth of relevant, business critical reports and a depth of realtime information, Vision enables you to monitor the performance of both your company and workforce.

SpliceCom Vision offers information and control over four critical areas for business:

  • Historical Reports
  • Call Recording
  • Real-Time Information
  • Employee Mobility

As maximiser runs as a single system, no matter how many sites it is distributed across or how many home based, remote or mobile employees are connected, Vision is able to collect information on every Department and every individual - wherever they may be. Real-time information can be delivered to department heads and managers totally independent of their location: via their Tablet or PC web browser. Technical Support or Sales Order Processing, Customer Service or Accounts, Help Desk or Sales, whatever area of the business needs to be focused on, Vision has the answers. This allows issues to be identified and rectified before they become business-impacting problems, whilst resources can be optimised at all times for maximum productivity. Vision also provides the real-time information needed to ensure operations run smoothly. Are service levels being met on the Help Desk? How many abandoned caller have yet to be called back? Do customers have to wait in a queue longer than necessary? These are the type of questions which can be effortlessly answered by Vision.

And as for the workforce, Vision works hard for them too, by offering far greater managed flexibility over the way they choose to handle their telephone calls when they're not in the office.

Vision Reports

The business telephone system holds vital information on how an organisation is performing, but how do you get it? Vision Reports provides an in-depth company wide view of how a business is performing, when it's wanted, where it's wanted and how it's wanted. All reports can be accessed through a web browser from anywhere at any time and printed or exported if required. Key reports can be scheduled by time and date and delivered to individuals or groups by email, whilst custom-reporting groups can also be constructed. Vision Reports is broken down into five main areas; Call Performance Profiles, Cost Analysis, Capacity Planning, Call Centre and Call logs.

Vision allows you to restrict which Report Categories a manager or administrator can access. This is configured by selecting Vision Manager and ticking which Report Categories that particular manager or administratoris allowed to see, such as Cost Analysis, Call performance, Capacity Planning.

Vision Record

Vision Record seamlessly integrates the automatic and/or manual Call Recordings produced by maxmiser into Vision Reports, allowing them to be easily managed, searched for and played-back when ever necessary. Details of the Call Recording - including the ability to "click & play" - are included with the full call logging record of each call.

Providing fully integrated Call Recording as a standard feature is one of maximiser's many strengths. Utilised for training purposes, to meet regulatory requirements or simply to keep a record of telephone conversations and transactions. Call Recording is delivered independently of handset type; IP, analogue or GSM/4G mobile.

maximiser's integrated Call Recording application allows each leg of a call to be recorded separately, no matter how many times it is transferred. Vision Record then allows each 'individual leg' of a transferred call to be displayed in Vision Reports, where they are grouped together. This makes it extremely simple to just "click & play" and so listen to an entire call, regardless of how many people the call has been transferred to. And as Music-on-Hold isn't recorded on a transferred call either, there's no wasted recording space or time.

The provision of call recording as an integrated application within maximiser, managed through Vision Record and Vision Reports, delivers a sophisticated, flexible and easy to use solution. Offering full AES encryption and DVD Archiving/Restoration Vision Record is a considerably more cost-effective and efficient solution than that delivered by 'bolting-on' expensive 3rd Party recorders.

Vision Live

Delivering real time information on business performance to those that need it, Vision Live allows potential issues to be identified and resolved before they can impact operations. Vision Live provides the information that enables companies to optimise their resources for maximum productivity, so facilitating a smooth running operation.

Each browser based Vision Live wallboard allows Departmental or individual performance to be monitored allowing multiple panels to be configured and displayed. These include;

  • Statistic Panels
  • Status Panels including a Busy Lamp Field Panel
  • Report Panels
  • Web Panels
  • Scrolling Ticker Panel

In addition, configurable thresholds can be set for Warnings and Alarms, on individual variables. These thresholds can be set to "Greater Than" or "Less Than", with a user definable count or time setting causing the panel to flash or play a sound once the threshold has been exceeded. The colours used to indicate the Warning and Alarm states are user definable, ideal for alerting any dips in service levels.

Vision Live allows "the information behind the information" to be accessed by clicking on a panel to drill down further, so allowing an immediate investigation and/or response to any abnormal occurrence.

Vision Mobility

Ideal for today's mobile working practices, Vision Mobility is specifically aimed at business users with notebook/laptop PCs, giving them more freedom and greater flexibility and control over the way they handle their telephone calls when out of the office. Accessed through a standard web browser, Vision Mobility doesn't need any PC applications to be loaded.

Vision Mobility is divided into five main areas;

Quick Settings allows the mobile workforce to instantly change and update their most frequently used call routing and availability options when they're out of the office.

Messages provides a personal record of all calls made by and to an employee, including voicemail and SMS messages. If they're a member of a Department or Group, they'll have a similar record(s) for these as well. Distinctive icons clearly show which calls were answered - and more importantly which ones weren't. Voicemail messages can be played back and SMS messages read directly through the web browser.

Web Phone provides telephony information and control via the web browser and works in partnership with a maximiser desktop, home or GSM/4G mobile phone. Caller Display, look-up and dial by Directory, Favourites - which combines Busy Lamp Field, Direct Station Select, Line Ringing & Call Pick-up facilities - are all provided.

Settings allows all personal options to be changed and is a superset of those available through Quick Settings.

Call Log lists full details of an employees call history. Hyperlinks against transferred calls makes every investigation easy, whilst Call Recordings, providing the facility has been enabled, are available against call details and can be played back through the PC's web browser.

Vision Mobility for next generation mobile phones
Users of the latest intelligent mobile phones have a different set of needs and requirements for their ideal mobility solution than those wishing to use their laptop or notebook PC in conjunction with a phone. Here, access to Quick Settings, viewing missed calls and voicemail messages and seeing which colleagues are available become the critical features. As such Vision Mobility can automatically detect the device that it's being viewed from and adjust the optimum browser size and feature set delivery accordingly. The first two devices supported in this way are Apple's iPhone and RIM's Blackberry V4.6, with more to follow. Click here to watch a video clip...