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Why Splicecom SelectVoice?

Splicecom SelectVoice is a British designed and developed voice platform. It offers a wide range of solutions, built around a common voice operating system to work the way you want them to. From small to large, soft, hard or virtual, in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid of the two, single site or spanning multiple locations - there's a perfect Splicecom voice solution for every school. It can be financed as either a capital expense or rented using an operational expenditure model. This flexibility allows you to focus on the right features and functionality for your school, then choose how you wish to deploy and finance the system.

But why is Splicecom SelectVoice the right choice for schools?

SelectVoice Student Safeguarding.

SelectVoice offers a rich suite of integrated features and benefits developed
in conjunction with schools and aimed at assisting management in the
protection of potentially vulnerable students, examples of which are:

Bully Line

A student can dial an advertised number and leave a voicemail message. Upon leaving the message the Student's voice will be disguised/distorted to hide and protect their identity. Network Connect is delivering this facility free of charge to its Education customers please contact us for implementation.

Anonymity Line

Allows schools to advertise an external or internal direct number. Students who dial the Anonymity Line wishing to speak with a member of staff will have their Calling Line ID - e.g. their Mobile Phone number - converted to an encrypted number, in order to protect their identity. The encrypted number is searchable within the Vision Reports application and provides statistical information to the school should there be a concern that the Student is a repeat caller. Where required, and with appropriate representation from the School / Police, Network Connect can decrypt the stored information and identify the originating phone number free of charge to its Education customers.

Emergency Announcements

If information needs to be passed quickly to staff, desk phones can be used as a tannoy system, allowing emergency information to be heard via the hands-free speaker.

Emergency Outdial

In the event of an emergency, lock-down, or other serious incident scenario, where input from Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is urgently required. Staff can dial a predefined emergency number that will ring all SLT members (desk phones and mobiles) within the Emergency Outdial hunt group. With an additional layer of security SLT members will be prompted to enter the agreed code in order to connect the call.

Call Record

Splicecom's embedded call recording solution, Vision Record, is both powerful and simple-to-use. Access to the recordings is restricted to key members of staff ensuring sensitive student information is protected. Key members of staff have the ability to review/replay conversations. A full audit log of recordings that have been accessed is included as a standard facility.

School Attendant

Allows callers/parents to select their desired destination e.g. "Select '2' for Absenteeism"

Flexible Call Distribution

Allows schools to plan in advance for all occasions; school holidays, inset days and unexpected school closures. Easily activated by a key member of staff it allows for all calls to be routed to the desired incoming announcements or call groups all year round and avoids any last minute changes and potential disruption.

Call Forwarding and Remote Working

Members of staff can forward their calls to another device and work remotely with the ability to control their calls from any PC using a; browser, desk phone, softphone or smartphone application.

Call Management

Vision is a suite of applications designed to assist in managing incoming and outgoing call records collected from the schools SelectVoice telephone system. Included as standard with the SelectVoice offering is Vision reports, the easy-to-use application allows key members of staff to analyse all call records. The reports are easily searchable and readily available to provide information gathered from the call such as; caller's name and number, answered by, date and time and abandoned calls. There is also an option which allows the school to record all calls. Vision Record ensures call recordings can be easily managed, retrieved and played-back whenever necessary.

System Management

The SelectVoice Administration Portal provides system managers with a powerful administration and management tool, making every day adds, moves and changes simple, quick and easy.


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