Splicecom SelectVoice Deployment

Splicecom's SelectVoice unique architecture has led to it being deployed by an extremely broad range of organisations in a wide variety of manners. There is a SelectVoice solution for everyone and for every requirement. This section explores the wide spectrum of deployment options available and serves to illustrate how SelectVoice can be managed to deliver any telephony solution.

SelectVoice offers smaller companies a complete business telephony/Unified Communication solution. The SelectVoice solution delivers many benefits to small and medium sized organisations which include:

  • Modern, future proofed design which will grow with the needs of your organisation - in terms of both capacity and sophistication
  • Support for IP (SIP & H.323) handsets and existing analogue phones More...
  • Extension Anywhere allows you to utilise existing home telephones and mobile phones as a SelectVoice extension with hold and transfer
  • A flexible fully integrated Voice Processing system offering;
    • Voicemail
    • Unified Messaging*
    • Auto Attendant*
    • IVR*
    • Call Recording
    • Meet Me Conferencing
    • In-queue Announcements
  • Support for IP (SIP & H.323) trunk lines.
  • Offers integration with web based content and applications, and natively with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX.

To complete the overall solution for Small and Medium Sized Organisations, Splicecom's web-based Vision Suite offers a modular range of value added management applications. These applications have been developed to deliver business critical information to key managers, exactly when and where it's needed. Designed by Splicecom to work with SelectVoice Vision applications:

  • Historical Reports (Vision Reports) with the option of integrated Call Recording (Vision Record)
  • Real-time Business Dashboards and Wallboards (Vision Live)
  • Inbound Call Centre (Vision Call Centre)

For multi-site organisations, SelectVoice's powerful location independent architecture enables the deployment of ONE business telephony/Unified Communication system that spans multiple locations utilising IP Wide Area Network (WAN) links. The ability to install a Splicecom SelectVoice solution across geographically distributed sites allows your organisation to deliver constant and feature rich service to your customers and employees, totally independent of their location. Small, simple, single-site or large, complex, multi-site network - it's all just ONE single system as far as SelectVoice is concerned. Splicecom SelectVoice's unique architecture allows it to be overlaid on top of any IP infrastructure allowing your existing investment in LAN switches and structured Category 6 cabling to be maximised.

The total capacity of a single system built around Splicecom SelectVoice is 10,000 extensions. Yet no matter how large or small your system may be and how many sites it's spread across, it still appears to your customers and employees as one single entity - and what's more it's managed as a single system, allowing you to significantly reduce your management costs.

As a SelectVoice multi-site system is just ONE system - system licences are allocated as a centralised pool and not to individual sites. This results in greater overall flexibility and cost savings in applications where licences are dynamically allocated to handle tasks. In addition, Splicecom's Fair Trade licencing policy allows licences to be purchased individually as and when required. This means that Splicecom customers' only pay for what they want, when they want it.


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