Splicecom Maximiser Deployment

Splicecom maximiser's unique architecture has led to it being deployed by an extremely broad range of businesses and organisations in a wide variety of manners. There is a Splicecom maximiser solution for everyone and for every requirement. This section explores the wide spectrum of deployment options available and serves to illustrate how the Splicecom maximiser can be managed to deliver any telephony solution.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (Single Site)

SpliceCom's 5108 and 5100 Call Servers offer smaller companies a complete business telephony/Unified Communication solution in a single unit. The 5108 is ideal for smaller businesses, supporting up to 12 users, whilst the 5100 provides facilities for 8 to 500 users.

The many benefits that Splicecom maximiser based communications brings to small and medium sized businesses include:

  • Modern, future proofed design which will grow with your business needs - in terms of both capacity and sophistication.
  • Support for IP (SIP & H.323) handsets and existing analogue phones. More...
  • Extension Anywhere allows you to utilise existing home telephones and mobile phones as maximiser extensions with hold and transfer.
  • A flexible fully integrated Voice Processing system offering;
    • Voicemail
    • Unified Messaging*
    • Auto Attendant*
    • IVR*
    • Call Recording
    • Meet Me Conferencing
    • In-queue Announcements
  • Support for ISDN (Basic Rate & Primary Rate) and IP (SIP & H.323) trunks.
  • Offers integration with web based content and applications, and natively with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux laptops and PCs.

To complete the overall solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, SpliceCom's web-based Vision suite offers a modular range of value added management applications. These applications have been developed to deliver business critical information to key managers, exactly when and where it's needed. Designed in-house by SpliceCom to work with maximiser - and to only work with maximiser - Vision applications run on a standalone Apple Mac OS X platform and include;

  • Historical Reports (Vision Reports) with the option of integrated Call Recording (Vision Record)
  • Real-time Business Dashboards and Wallboards (Vision Live)
  • Browser based mobility control (Vision Mobility)
  • Inbound Call Centre (Vision Call Centre)

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (Multi-Site)

For multi-site businesses, Splicecom maxmiser's powerful location independent architecture enables the deployment of ONE business telephony/Unified Communication system that spans multiple locations utilising IP Wide Area Network (WAN) links. The ability to install a Splicecom maximiser solution across geographically distributed sites allows your business to deliver constant and feature rich service to your customers and employees, totally independent of their location. Small, simple, single-site or large, complex, multi-site network - it's all just ONE single system as far as maximiser is concerned. Constructed around just two modular components, Call Server and Phone Module, maximiser is very easy to put together. Exactly how you choose to do so will very much depend on exactly what you need it to deliver for your business.

Splicecom maximiser's unique architecture allows it to be overlaid on top of any IP infrastructure. So individual modules can be distributed anywhere on the company LAN. This allows your existing investment in LAN switches and structured Category 5/5e/6 cabling to be maximised and Splicecom maximiser modules to be placed exactly where they're needed, greatly reducing the quantity and distance of cabling when compared to traditional, or other IP-enabled PBXs.

Calls to and from your company via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can be delivered to any Call Server(s) across ISDN trunks (Primary Rate and Basic Rate), IP trunks (SIP & H.323) or via any existing legacy telephone systems using DPNSS or ISDN S-Bus connections. Splicecom maximiser treats all these disparate trunk technologies as equals, providing true one-world communications without the need for additional Gateways, delivering both choice and future-proofing.

The total capacity of a single system built around the Splicecom maximiser 5 Series modules is 10,000 extensions and 200 Call Servers. Each 5100 Call Server module handles up to 500 extensions be they IP, analogue, 3G/GSM mobiles or any mix of the three. If your requirement is for more than 500 extensions per site, simply add more Call Servers. This approach allows systems to grow in an organic manner without the need to upgrade or replace processors and cabinets as is the case with traditional PBXs - and many IP-enabled systems. Yet no matter how big or small your system may be and how many sites it's spread across, it still appears to your customers and employees as one single entity - and what's more it's managed as a single system, allowing you to significantly reduce your management costs.

If you have very small offices within your organisation which don't warrant a full 5100 Call Server, then you can just deploy IP Phones connected back to a larger site via an IP Wan connection. If local call break- out and full survivability in the event of IP WAN failure is a requirement Splicecom's 5108 Call Server supports a maximum of 12 extensions - up to four of which can be analogue phones. The 5108 Call Server can be networked into a single maximiser system in the same manner as its big brother and delivers identical features and facilities.*

As a maximiser multi-site system is just that - ONE system - system licences are allocated as a centralised pool and not to individual Call Servers or sites. This results in greater overall flexibility and cost savings in applications where licences are dynamically allocated to handle tasks. In addition, SpliceCom's Fair Trade licencing policy allows licences to be purchased individually as and when required. This means that SpliceCom customers' only pay for what they want, when they want it.

Large Enterprise

For those looking to deploy very high capacity systems, Splicecom's XS Call Server running S8000 software supports up to 100,000 users.

Consideration of the XS Call Server location is a significant aspect of the Large Enterprise Managed Solution. In larger deployments the move to high density SIP Trunking is a major business enhancement from a cost, flexibility and business solution perspective. The maximiser XS Call Server can therefore be deployed in:

  • Customer selected Hosting Centre
  • SpliceCom Community Hosting Centre
  • On-site, typically at the customer's Headquarters.

Running on a reliable, high performance Unix platform, maximiser XS runs Splicecom's S8000 software - which provides a single virtual Call Server image. In addition Splicecom's web-based Vision suite can also utilise the same platform, providing an overall solution that delivers;

  • Power reduction
  • Space reduction
  • Easier management
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Splicecom's S8000 virtual Call Server software allows full interoperability with existing Splicecom Telephony Platforms, Phones and Applications, whilst still delivering all of the familiar maximiser architectural trademarks - distributed processing, cost-effective scalability, equal support for IP, mobile and analogue phones, alongside independence from the underlying LAN infrastructure. This makes it an ideal investment for those expanding their business, either through organic growth or via acquisitions. In addition, maximiser's architecture makes it particularly well suited for those businesses and organizations whose mode of operation requires telephony to be distributed and/or segregated within a localised area. These include;

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centres
  • Science/Technology Parks
  • Business Centres
  • Managed Offices
  • Serviced Offices

The maximiser XS Call Server with S8000 software provides a Pure IP Communications solution, yet still embraces connectivity for analogue telephones, alongside ISDN & DPNSS trunks by using 5 Series platforms as external gateways. This means that even if you don't start out by deploying an XS Call Server from day one, you can still be assured of investment protection.

Legacy PBX Migration

maximiser can still play a significant role if you're not quite ready to change out your existing PBX yet, but need to expand the number of extensions and trunks or add new services and facilities. That's because maximiser can connect to your existing telephone system via Primary Rate or Basic Rate ISDN S-Bus connections or DPNSS. Specific features have been added to provide a very cost effective and feature rich migration strategy for those currently using the Avaya INDeX and Siemens iSDX/Realitis and iSLX systems, alongside elegant migration solutions for companies who have utilised the Ericsson MD110, Mitel SX2000 & BT/ Nortel Meridian systems. There are also examples of SIP and H.323 being used to integrate Splicecom maximiser with first generation IP systems like Cisco Call Manager, Avaya ACM and Mitel's 3100 and 3300 platforms.

* - The only software feature not supported across all three max imiser Call Server platforms is text to speech (TTS) conversion which is not available on the 5108 Call Server. TTS is utilised as an alternative to pre-recorded .wav files on Unified Messaging, Auto Attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications utilising VoiceXML scripts. Its use requires SpliceCom's Enhanced Speech Processing (ESP) licence(s).